Are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?

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Have you heard the story of three construction workers, each of whom was asked the question:  "What are you doing?".

  • The first construction worker responds: "I am laying bricks".
  • The second worker answers: "I am following orders."
  • The third construction worker says "I am building a cathedral.

Let me ask you this my dearest entrepreneurial soul. How are you holding your business right now?

  • Are you identifying with the day-to-day quagmire of "laying bricks"?
  • Are you caught up in what "you believe you are supposed to do", following orders from your conditioned mind or outside influences that are not necessarily aligned with YOUR unique vision?


  • Are you doing whatever it takes to build the vision  -  to build the cathedral - your soul is beckoning you to create? 
Go ahead and take an honest look at how you are holding  your business within your own consciousness (Yep! This is between you and your own inner knowing).

Let go of any inner judgments or criticism. Allow yourself to take neutral inventory of your current mindset, attitude and state of being.

  • Are you a human-doing, rushing through your days from one task to the next, losing sight of the bigger picture and distancing yourself from your own inner essence and soul's purpose?
  • Are you simply following orders from the conditioned incalcations life has handed you, succumbing to your current predicament as if you had no other choice?


  • Are you moving through your days with a knowing that every-thing you do, every person you encounter and every experience you have, stands in service to a larger divine plan for your business and life?
None of us are immune to occasIonial days when we lose sight of the bigger picture or feel defeated by life's circumstances. Welcome to the human experience my dearest kindred soul.

That said, I know in every cell of my being that aligning with YOUR larger purpose and vision IS the magic wand that turns pumpkins into chariots, rags into gowns and the daily grind of doing business into a purpose-filled and meaningful journey.

This month, I invite you to look at one aspect of your business (or life) and contemplate how this aspect stands in service to your larger vision or purpose:

* What are you learning in this department?
* Are you being called to stretch beyond the comfortable, familiar and mundane?
* Is your soul inviting you to master new skills, expand your consciousness or more fully own your unique way of expressing your essence in your business and life?

Just as the process of building a cathedral involves the laying down of bricks (one layer at a time), so your vision involves entering a process of mastering one level or skill after another.

Every day, in our business and life, we lay the bricks that form the foundation of our tomorrows.

How we relate to our business, IS our business!

How we relate to our life, IS our life.

How we hold our business has everything to do with living a purpose-filled and meaningful life. It has everything to do with staying on course with our values, integrity and path. 

So tell me, are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?

For that my beloved soul is what will carry you through to the gold or have you drowning in the quagmire of a soul-less busyness that is depleting in so many ways.

I am so holding for your cathedral in the making!

With love and heart,


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