The Soul Movement Method™

A Method For Navigating New Frontiers.

I know you entered this earth-school innately wired to actualize your highest potential. I also know there is a technology available for you to access and activate this potential in a powerful way. 

Shamans and mystics throughout the ages have used such technologies to harness a higher field of consciousness for shape-shifting, healing and facilitating miracles.

In all of my work I help you cultivate a direct access to this higher field of consciousness by harnessing The Soul Movement Method® - a powerful technology for transformation of consciousness that was birthed through me over the course of a decade.

This technology is highly applicable for visionaries, change agents and people in leadership positions who are in great need for effective tools to navigate new and ever-changing frontiers in their business and life.

I am proud, humbled and excited to be a steward of this cutting edge methodology that has already helped hundreds of my students and clients transform their businesses, finances, relationships and lives in profound and exciting ways. I can’t wait to discover how it might help you transform yours.

"Tal’s rich tapestry of experience, wisdom and trainings weave together with her spiritually channeled inspiration to create a remarkable system that is a beautiful gift to the world."

As humanity is opening to higher states of consciousness we need new tools for healing, awakening and embracing more of who we are co-creatively with the universal matrix of life we are all a part of. Tal’s rich tapestry of experience, wisdom and trainings weave together with her spiritually channeled inspiration to create a remarkable system that is a beautiful gift to the world. The Soul Movement Method® is a unified approach for multi-leveled healing, transformation and awareness that engages the divine intelligence of creation and would benefit anyone regardless of knowledge or experience in healing or spiritual pursuits. Tal is a genius. She is also humble, loving, fun and creates a safe, sacred and nurturing space to work in. I highly recommend any time spent with her and any explorations of her incredible work. After experiencing her work I felt filled with love, light and joy!

Aine Belton
Founder of the Global Love Project, Aine.Tv

About The Soul Movement Method® 

The Soul Movement Method® is a somatic-based methodology designed to help you...

  • Clear hidden blocks
  • Release ancestral entanglements
  • Access inner resources 
  • Pinpoint the root cause of what holds you back from authentic freedom in all areas of your business and life.

It blends goal-oriented coaching processes, body-intelligence and psycho-spiritual modalities to help you attune to the subtle language of soul and directly channel this wisdom into effective strategy and momentum that affects sustainable, long-lasting results.

This methodology is systemic in nature so that work done in your own soul field™ will directly impact and affect shifts within your larger system - be it in your organization, business or family.

To put it simply, it is a deep and effective technology to help you clear the invisible barriers that have blocked you, or slowed you down, from actualizing your dreams and goals.

"The tools provide a gentle gateway into the territory of your own "soul field™". They help pinpoint the precise "territory-in-consciousness" your soul is ready to acknowledge master, heal and/or release to support your next level of expansion, success and well-being in business and life."  - Tal Shai

"Although I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of this work, my first experience with The Soul Movement Method® blew me away!"

I could actually FEEL the shifts in my body as wounds that spanned over generations were healed. Through the processes Tal facilitated, I became viscerally aware of where my struggles lay and what needed to shift for my life to change. I was in complete awe of the range of feelings and sensations I experienced that, up until that moment, I had no clue were even there, nor how they were affecting my life so deeply. As a result of the work we did together I feel so much lighter and freer, my back pain has substantially subsided and I can now look at money and budgets without fear. As an exercise to open up to abundance, just before my immersion with Tal, I set an intention to manifest two boats for our pond. Two days later one of our neighbors, literally ‘out of the blue’, offered to gift us two boats. I experienced an opening up to abundance and am very much aware of how the healing in my life continues to unfold.

Cheryl Braswell
Caretaker, Watersong Peace Chamber, USA


Body Intelligence and Savvy Strategy To Move You From Where You Are To Where Your Soul Wants You To Be in Business and Life!

How The Method Evolved.

The Soul Movement Method® is a culmination of my many years of experience and immersion in the fields of psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology, family constellations, global business coaching and energetic healing modalities.

Pieces of the methodology were divinely downloaded to me, like a puzzle, over the course of a decade, organically morphing into an integrated whole through the many workshops, process and supervision groups I have led over the years.

As I presented pieces of this emerging body-of-work to my students and clients, each of the pieces began to make sense as we witnessed the results and potent transformation that transpired by incorporating them.

One day, while facilitating a coaching intensive with a client, the pieces organized themselves into one coherent picture – a coherent methodology and body-of-work that has since become known as The Soul Movement Method®.

This is a unique body-of-work that stands on the shoulders of great teachers, healers and mentors who have informed, guided and blessed my journey. Like a child who is a product of its parents and a rich ancestral lineage, it stands on its' own two feet with a soul and energetic trajectory of its' own. That is how I hold The Soul Movement Method®.

I have successfully applied this methodology with clients who have suffered from lifelong addictions, war trauma, familial issues and chronic pain.

Having extended the scope of this methodology to include the entrepreneurial and leadership arena, I am humbled by the potent results my clients have reaped by immersing themselves in this gentle yet profound body-of-work.

Now I can't wait to share all this goodness with you!

Curious how you might apply this methodology to elevate your own success in business and life? Begin your journey by booking a private Soul Movement Assessment™ with moi.

"I was amazed at the processes Tal has developed to seek out and move blocks to financial flow."

I attended The Soul Movements For Financial Freedom™ immersion and was amazed at the processes Tal has developed to seek out and move blocks to financial flow. By the end of the immersion I came to a huge AHA I could actually feel! Tal is also an amazing facilitator with such deep wisdom…in addition to being fun, light and a joy to experience.”

Sue Tritilli
EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, USA

Who is it for?

The Soul Movement Method® is greatly applicable for people who have already travelled a substantial path of personal development, who feel a tug in their soul to reach higher, dive deeper and expand more fully into their “one, wild and precious life (Mary Oliver)”. 

It is highly beneficial for creative-visionary-entrepreneurial individuals and leaders who have already experienced a level of success but are once again standing at the precipice of a new threshold in their business, relationships or life…oftentimes taking the form of a crisis, challenge or inner tug to change direction in the face of uncertainty… or what makes little sense to their rational mind.

This work is not for the faint of heart. It cuts deep and goes to the core. 

As such, if your soul is ready, be prepared for an incredibly rich, prolific journey... and truly satisfying results.

"My intensive with Tal was very powerful and deep. It revealed many layers I was not aware of before."

The Soul Movement Mapping™ process lead me to heal my relationship with the sacred masculine and balance the masculine-feminine polarities within me. The work we did was so powerful that I had to rest and stay in my room for a few hours afterwards. I had a very deep cleansing. My entire body responded to what transpired. A few days after our intensive, through divine synchronicities, I met a wonderful man with whom I am now deeply exploring the beauty and sacredness of this dance between our masculine and feminine energies. Tal is a deep soul and a wonderful heart connected woman. Her presence allowed me to have trust and confidence in her and her offerings. She was extremely professional, respectful, discreet when needed, highly intuitive and supportive. I really love her presence and feel blessed to have met her and to experience a healing with her. I highly recommend Tal and The Soul Movement Method® to anyone who has the intention of moving forward with their dreams and goals. Thank you Tal for being a part of this very sacred journey!

Stephanie Shananda
Feminine Body Wisdom Mentor,, Switzerland  

As An Entrepreneur The Soul Movement Method® Can Help You:


Move through the fear

,paralysis, procrastination and overwhelm that is stopping you from launching a new product, presenting a lecture/webinar, doing sales calls or moving forward with crucial steps to grow your business.


Clear Inner Fog

around your messaging, inner worth and authentic contribution to the world so that your ideal clients know without a shadow of a doubt that they want to work with you.


Release Doubt

,insecurity and confusion around your niche, business model and/or ideal client (i.e. your "avatar").


Raise Your Frequency

around wealth and money so you can truly experience freedom and ease around raising your rates, getting well paid for your services, and graciously receiving the riches this universe desires to bestow upon you... through people and opportunities.


Make Decisions

that are aligned with the prosperity and soul of your business.


Access Inner Resources and Ancestral Support

to forge a powerful path towards authentic freedom and prosperity.

" In my opinion, Tal’s tools are groundbreaking in that it doesn’t have to be complicated, or take forever to clear deep-seated issues. "

Being a healer myself, I am astounded at how deep and transformational using THE SOUL MOVEMENT METHOD® has been for me. In my opinion, Tal’s tools are groundbreaking in that it doesn’t have to be complicated, or take forever to clear deep-seated issues. Not even three weeks have gone by and more than half of my money goal has already manifested! And the miracles are showing up daily!

Anael Harpaz
Author and Peace Facilitator,

As An Entrepreneur The Soul Movement Method® Can Help You:


Create a solid foundation for your business

by healing the relationship between your inner masculine and feminine. This sacred marriage is key to cultivating a business that is both profitable and deeply fulfilling.


Become aware of "what you don't know that you don't know"

so you can make conscious decisions from an informed and clear state of being.


Reveal and Clear The Root Cause

behind patterns such as debt, under-earning, under-charging for your services and other sneaky dynamics that weigh you and your business down.


Embrace your visibility

and authentic voice in the marketplace.


Get Crystal Clear

and focused about your fastest path to cash and clients by clearing the energetic gunk that is keeping you stuck in lack, invisibility and self sabotage.


Resolve Your Addiction To Perfection

so you can manifest boldly by embracing your "imperfectly perfect" self.


Gain Clarity and Momentum Around Your Soul's Purpose

so that all parts of your business and life are fueled by a higher vision.


Powerfully Embody Your Success

so you can move from strategizing about success "as you define it" to actually living it as your life.


Heal Deep, Unresolved Patterns

around feeling like a "fraud".

"Your body is innately wired to pick up information from the larger field of "all that is". I call this your "soul field™". Learning to access the innate intelligence of your body is key to harnessing the wisdom of soul. The Soul Movement Method® is designed to help you master the process of directly dialoging with your soul field™. In business and life, this is a power tool for experiencing authentic, sustainable well-being and success!"  - Tal Shai

"The Soul Movement Method™ is miracle work. It's another wave of frequencies I have not experienced before. I was floored by the simplicity of what you were doing and yet the infinite layers to it."


Amanda Marie shares her experience with The Soul Movement Method® which she had while interviewing me for her Online Masterclass Summit. Below is an excerpt of an unscripted incognito chat we had two days later. After our "private" chat, Amanda realized her computer software automatically recorded our call and generously offered it to me to use as a testimonial: 

Screenshot 2017-07-31 01.26.27
Amanda Marie
Master Channeler and Radio Show Host,

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principle #1

Knowledge is great and valuable to bring forward new concepts and tools to our awareness. However, it is not until we have an experience of the concepts learned, or actually use the tools in our own lives, that we gain first hand experience and an authentic integrated knowing of that which we already know in our minds... or of that which "we don't even know that we don't know". My products, workshops and programs contain many experiential activities designed to support you in shifting out of the state of consciousness in which a problem occurred, and put you in a state of consciousness wherein the problem can resolve effortlessly.

Guiding Principle #2

Our inner processes are cyclical in nature and resemble the many layers of an onion. We peel one layer to reveal yet another inner layer. Although the same core issues may come up over and over again in our lives, this does not mean we haven't already peeled many of the outer layers and are closer to healing the issue for the very last time.
 "The integration of the healthy masculine in my lineage was very profound and I know has changed my life forever!"

I want to thank you SO much for your sacred work at The Soul Movement Method® Immersion. The integration of the healthy masculine in my lineage was very profound and I know has changed my life forever!  You are a brilliant and intuitive facilitator and it was an honor to witness and experience you in action! 

Debra Valentina
Founder of, USA

Guiding Principle #3

Each person has her own unique destiny to fulfill on this planet. Trust that each experience you have supports a bigger picture. Your job is to show up fully for YOUR process, giving it your one hundred percent. Then allow the universe to deliver your heartfelt desires in perfect timing for YOU.
"My work with Tal to raise my wealth vibration has been phenomenal!"

 I have felt incredibly supported, challenged and accompanied on this profound journey. My life, my business and my financial situation have changed both dramatically and simply since my work with Tal. I've moved out of a place of stress and strain around money and into a space of being at complete peace in my heart and mind. This alone has been invaluable as I know that fear and desperation were literally driving wealth away from me! In addition, new, renewed, and surprise opportunities have been coming into my business and life from every direction. New support, new clients, new revenue streams and new possibilities are showing up gracefully. Thank you Tal! Your heart-full and loving facilitation during our work--and the personal ah-ha's I have received for my own healing and process--would have given me more than my "money's worth", but the tangible, discernible changes in my life and business as I've moved through the last few months are invaluable. You're a gem!"

Yvonne Bryght
LMC and Sacred Sexuality Coach, USA.

Guiding Principle #4

Healing is the application of loving to those places inside that hurt. Hurt people hurt people! It is when we hurt the most, when we are angry and defensive, that we most need the love we so often withhold from ourselves.

Guiding Principle #5

Life is a process, not an event. So are our dreams and goals. When we do the work needed to align ourselves with a heartfelt dream, a new goal or dream unfolds. As we master the process of co-creation, our life becomes a huge playground of exciting possibilities.
 "The Soul Movement Coaching™ I did with Tal was pretty amazing!"

It allowed me to quickly identify core themes and release hidden blocks I had been running my entire life! This process has significantly supported the flow of financial wealth streaming into my company and life.

Deborah M. Dubree
Ultimate Performance Expert,

Guiding Principle #6

We are all connected to a much larger field of existence that is a storehouse for our personal and collective memories and wisdom – across all time and all ages. It has been called by such names as the "Knowing Field" (by one of my mentors, Dr. Albrecht Mahr), the "Morphic Field" and the "Field of Infinite Potentiality". I refer to it as our "Soul Field(TM)". We all have the capacity to tap this field for our greatest level of healing, joy, purpose and upliftment. It has been my consistent experience that when we do, entanglements in our lives resolve themselves, deep-seated multi-generational patterns lift from our consciousness and we are evermore present and available for healthier and grander paradigms to lead our path towards flow and prosperity in all its myriad of expressions.

Guiding Principle #7

Our body is innately wired to pick up information from this larger field of "all that is" (aka The Soul Field). Learning to access our innate body intelligence is the key to directly access the wisdom of our soul. The Soul Movement Method® is designed to help you master the process of directly dialoging with your soul's wisdom. In business, relationships and life, this is a 'power tool' for success.
"I was not expecting to have such a positive and deep release."

My experience at the The Soul Movements For Financial Freedom® Immersion surprised me very much! I was not expecting to have such a positive and deep release. I experienced a range of emotions, from fear, to sorrow to happiness, that liberated me from what I was holding onto. It was truly amazing! I was crying and laughing at the same time, until finally a sensation of peace surrounded me and a deep clarity enveloped my entire being. I now feel ready to “go for it”...  to step into my entrepreneurial dreams, my life purpose and financial freedom. I felt this luminous energy all around us and know that excellent things are coming in. 

Roxy Tillit
Business Owner, USA


Tal Shai (M.A. Counseling Psychology) is an Intuitive Business Coach and Founder of The Soul Movement Method®. She helps visionary entrepreneurs and transformational facilitators manifest a thriving lifestyle and business by harnessing The Soul Movement Method®, a somatic-based methodology designed to reveal hidden blocks, clear ancestral entanglements and access the root cause of what holds one back from authentic and sustainable freedom in business and life.

She also certifies coaches, therapists and holistic practitioners in The Soul Movement Method®, helping them add a powerful system to accentuate and expand their own practice.

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