The Soul Movement Method: A Master Class with Tal Shai

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In this master class, I share how The Soul Movement Method® evolved through me over the course of a decade. I talk about my own personal journey of coming to “know that I know what I know” and how trusting the mystery of soul is key to creating a business and life that is authentic and aligned with one’s purpose and joy. I also take Amanda through a short and simple exercise with The Soul Movement Cards™.  Amanda Marie shared how she experienced … Read More

Are you going for your dreams?

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Are you going for your dreams? Here is a gentle reminder to ALWAYS keep that fire buring in your belly…..and never give up on YOUR dreams!!!!
Like so many people all over the planet, no matter how many times I have watched this video, I can never get enough! TRANSFORMATION IS MAGICAL…and I believe in magic!

Back from my trip to Italy (with video clip)!


I am back from my trip to Northern Italy and still savoring the beauty of this “oh so beautiful” part of the planet!”. Below are a few clips from my trip (featuring my adorable nieces). I overlaid the entire clip with music, so unless you lip read, I was just chatting away about the gorgeous views! Also, the overlay music doesn’t do any justice to the fantastic music we heard at a local jazz festival. I invite you to check … Read More