The Soul Movement Method: A Master Class with Tal Shai

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In this master class, I share how The Soul Movement Method® evolved through me over the course of a decade. I talk about my own personal journey of coming to “know that I know what I know” and how trusting the mystery of soul is key to creating a business and life that is authentic and aligned with one’s purpose and joy. I also take Amanda through a short and simple exercise with The Soul Movement Cards™.  Amanda Marie shared how she experienced … Read More

Follow YOUR yellow brick road in 2016.

| | (Oops! I can’t help instinctively referring to The Puget Sound as the ocean. Not a slip to be taken lightly if you are a local. I guess I’m not a local yet:)

Why is the law of attraction not working for me?

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The truth is that the law of attraction refers to the fact that our whole being is vibrating at a certain set point and this set point is what attracts specific things, people and experiences into our life.

This set point is mostly comprised of what we don’t even know is affecting us.

It is affected by an “energetic soup” of sorts that includes all of our resources and entanglements throughout all time, both on the individual and ancestral level (I call this our soul field™).