The Soul Movement Method: A Master Class with Tal Shai

This master class was aired on The Art Of Spiritual Living Summit, hosted by Amanda Marie (May 2017)

In this master class, I share how The Soul Movement Method® evolved through me over the course of a decade.

I talk about my own personal journey of coming to "know that I know what I know" and how trusting the mystery of soul is key to creating a business and life that is authentic and aligned with one's purpose and joy.

I also take Amanda through a short and simple exercise with The Soul Movement Cards™. 

Amanda Marie shared how she experienced a deeply profound shift as a result of the short "Soul Movement" exercise we did together.

As such, we scheduled a phone chat after our interview to explore how we might continue harnessing The Soul Movement Method® to support the success of her business.

During our post-interview chat, that took place two days later, Amanda Marie spontaneously transitioned into a stream-of-consciousness description of The Soul Movement Method®.

Being the gifted channel that she is, she described the methodology in exquisite picturesque language that totally captured it's essence in a way I had never heard before. 

As such, I was so excited to hear that Amanda's recording software, unbeknownst to us both, had automatically recorded our entire conversation. She generously proceeded to send me a copy of the recording with her blessing to share it publicly.

Below is an excerpt of Amanda's spontaneous "channelled" share: 

Amanda Marie shares her experience with The Soul Movement Method® (an excerpt of our unscripted incognito chat):

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(M.A. Counseling Psychology) is an Intuitive Business Coach and Founder of The Soul Movement Method®. She helps visionary entrepreneurs and transformational facilitators manifest a thriving lifestyle and business by harnessing The Soul Movement Method®, a somatic-based methodology designed to reveal hidden blocks, clear ancestral entanglements and access the root cause of what holds individuals and organizations back from experiencing authentic freedom in their finances, business and life. Can you do with NO-COST Soul Guidance to help you thrive in business and life? The door is open for you at

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