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What Are Others Saying About Tal Shai’s Soul Guidance?

” My contact with Tal has been very beneficial. Her process has been highly revealing of my inner landscape – the way I think and operate inwardly – and as a result the way I am expressing myself outwardly. Tal is at the top of her game in the best way. I am completely at ease recommending her to anyone looking for a coach to help them achieve a deeper understanding of their inner aims, vision and mission as they relate to both their inner and outer prosperity.”

Ian Wall, Company Director, Australia

“Tal is masterful in her ability to provide a safe space for healing and growth, while focusing deeply and specifically on the issue at hand. I experienced her as being truly gifted in this work.”

Belinda Bauer, Actress/Spiritual Counselor, USA

“For years I wanted to publish my book. I took courses on the internet and

tried so many routes. But the moment I took Tal to be my coach, within 2 months my book was about to be published. I am in such gratitude to myself for making the decision …and to Tal for changing my life!”

Anael, Peace-Maker and Author of ‘From Pieces to Peace’, Israel

Tal Shai (M.A. Counseling Psychology) is an Author, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Business Coach, Family Constellations Facilitator & Founder of, an online platform designed to support soul-centered individuals and companies all over the planet attune to their soul wisdom & embody their magnificence as a premise to creating authentic prosperity in their business and life.

Through her international workshops, mentoring packages and products she inspires her clients to tap their intuition, unique rhythm, natural cycles & authentic voice as a potent frequency for ushering in more freedom, more money and more life(TM)!

With a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, certification in countless healing modalities and hands-on wealth building & business expertise, her forte lies in integrating timeless spiritual and shamanistic principles with savvy know-how to co-create a busy-ness that oozes authenticity, prosperity and the delicious celebration of soul.

Having studied, worked and lived in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA, Tal considers herself a conscious global citizen and passionately serves her ‘tribe’ from wherever she resides on this planet.