Feminine instinct, money and following soul.


Sharing snippets of my soul journey with you!

This is my last day on Bainbridge Island before I head off to Seattle.

I feel truly blessed to have spent time in this beautiful beach front home on the Puget Sound.

I have fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest. The nature here takes my breath away.

I used to dream of traveling while working and staying in places that absolutely make my soul soar.

Two years ago, on returning to the United States, I was intuitively guided to deeply listen to where my BODY wanted to land.

It required that I make decisions that made no sense to my rational mind… and get intimately acquainted with NOT KNOWING.

Although I have spent years honing this skill professionally, it has required a whole new level of surrender and trust to follow my SOUL GUIDANCE as a lifestyle.

The road was bumpy at first.

It brought up ancient ancestral memories that triggered a deep exploration of what it means to BE and FEEL at home in this world.

This journey has been profound for me.

Each place I have landed has been rich with SYNCHRONICITY, friendship (old and new) and an ever-deepening connection with SELF.

It has strengthened my trust in this loving universe and solidified my knowing that we are truly guided and directed… even when we feel lost and anxious.

I know YOUR dreams are possible. I know that even in the depth of despair or disbelief or sadness you are being called to come closer to who you are at your core.

I hope my soul journey inspires YOU to take action on the guidance you receive from YOUR soul… and to know, in every fiber of your being, that the path will be revealed to you, one step at a time.

Your soul movement matters. You matter. Your actualization matters.

Thank you for being on this page and blessing MY journey.

For those of you who desire to hear more about my SOUL JOURNEY and how I have come to create the lifestyle I live now, below is an interview I did with Prema Lee Gurreri who graciously gave me permission to share it here with you. Enjoy!

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