Need Some Universal Orchestration?


With one of my all time favorite musicians, David Broza. A beautiful reminder of how the field ALWAYS has our back.

Here is the full scoop.

On Monday I was speaking to my mom on Skype.

At some point she left the conversation and on her return she said "I'm back".

I spontaneously answered her with a song that in hebrew begins with the words "I'm back..".

She asked me to remind her who sings the song.

I said "David Broza".

She asked me to sing more... so I searched for the song on Youtube to play it for her.

We were both enjoying listening to the music together. She in Israel. I in Seattle.

I told her I could do with a dose of "David Broza" music to lift my spirit after a somewhat emotionally taxing month.

Then my fingers spontaneously googled his site.

I say my fingers, because I was not giving much thought to my if my fingers were playing on the keyboard.

I clicked on "events" and saw he has a concert in Seattle on Wednesday...2 days later...on my moms' birthday.

It was one of those "thank you universe" moments!

So here I was, enjoying a live concert. Got my selfie in. And David was even gracious enough to wish my mom a happy birthday on video.

You gotta love how the "field" works!

So here you have it. My David Broza "universally orchestrated" story.

It was exactly what my soul ordered.

With love and heart,


P.S. I invite you to share some of YOUR universally orchestrated moments below. It is so important to share these stories with each other as reminders that we are NEVER alone and that magic can transpire in any moment.

I have added a few David Broza clips below in case you feel like listening yourself. He performs all over the globe in Spanish, Hebrew and English.

With Shawn Colvin and Jackson Brown (another all time favorite of mine!) at Masada ...where he starts the concert at night and plays until sunrise. 

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