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Are you laying bricks or building a cathedral?

Have you heard the story of three construction workers, each of whom was asked the question:  “What are you doing?“. The first construction worker responds: “I am laying bricks”. The second worker answers: “I am following orders.” The third construction worker says “I am building a cathedral. Let me ask you this my dearest entrepreneurial soul. How are you holding your business right now? Are you identifying with the day-to-day quagmire of “laying bricks”? Are you caught up in what “you believe you are supposed to

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Need Some Universal Orchestration?

With one of my all time favorite musicians, David Broza. A beautiful reminder of how the field ALWAYS has our back. Here is the full scoop. On Monday I was speaking to my mom on Skype. At some point she left the conversation and on her return she said “I’m back”. I spontaneously answered her with a song that in hebrew begins with the words “I’m back..”. She asked me to remind her who sings the song. I said “David

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Tal Shai (M.A. Counseling Psychology) is a Psychotherapist turned Intuitive Business Coach and Founder of The Soul Movement Method®. She helps visionary entrepreneurs and transformational facilitators manifest a thriving lifestyle and business by harnessing The Soul Movement Method®, a somatic-based methodology designed to reveal hidden blocks, clear ancestral entanglements and access the root cause of what holds one back from authentic freedom in business and life. 

Tal certifies coaches, therapists and holistic practitioners in The Soul Movement Method®, helping them add a powerful system to accentuate and expand their own practice. She is also a certified therapist and supervisor with Eurotas (European Transpersonal Association).

Having studied, worked and lived in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the USA, she is a conscious global citizen who passionately serves her tribe from wherever she resides on this planet.

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